a letter to you:

Hi Angel 👼🏻💕,

Tatiana here, the Founder of Angel Baby Jewels. Something that I've always struggled with is self-love. I wanted to create a brand that would be filled with jewelry pieces that represent self-love to all the beautiful angels (like you!) out there. As you can see, most of the pieces we sell look delicate, soft, and intricate. However, even though they look that way, they are made with tough and sturdy metals. I'd like these adorable pieces to represent how we can love ourselves more—honoring our soft, complex, and sensitive natures, all the while knowing that those qualities in us are what make us strong. I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as I do. Wear them proudly and let them serve as your daily reminder to love yourself just a little bit more. :)

With love,

Tatiana ♡